As Far As I Can Remember


–I am insanely talking alone, but came to realize that I am just talking to myself. There’s nothing wrong with it, right?

It was a nice feeling to reminisce people away but getting close. People returning to my thoughts were persons I should not  forget to remember. They were running around my mind as of a panoramic shots, way long ago. Most of them I’d seen in my unwittingly photo bucket. I had no knowledge but an instinct, to check again. I am  chuckling too whenever I saw their faces in youth, now they’re changed. Some were gone.

I am  happy to have them not as memories, but my life. Gladly seeing them asleep, eyes gazed on them each. I enjoyed writing when everybody off me because they respect me at peace.

I am close to birds and flowers–I’m not totally yet dead. I say, I am being called bird aiming high and a flower from grasses. If they could see how I sight things surreal and just like a daydream, we could share same ice creams and chocolates under the candy clouds and lollipop trees.

I am far beneath underprivileged. As far as I can remember, I can’t be happy without them.



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